Our Process

At TCA we specialize in taking complex, innovative projects and developing them into robust, cost-efficient and highly dependable solutions. We have a team of highly skilled and creative thinkers that work beyond the industrial norm to conceptualize and deliver exceptional solutions.

From our methodical approach to project management through our creative and flexible process development, we are confident that the TCA Team will be able to design and deliver a solution that will delight you.

TCA Approach

Building More than Custom Automated Solutions.

TCA Technologies views each manufacturers challenge as an opportunity to showcase our unique approach to finding the automation solution that best suits your needs. Our team of highly trained engineers take the time to properly understand the specific needs for each project. Focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations, TCA makes sure both current and future requirements are planned for and that the system integrates seamlessly into current infrastructure.

TCA Process

Once the system is built and ready for installation, TCA will stage a complete run-through to ensure everything is functioning exactly as anticipated. Our technicians will then come to install the system at your facility and train all appropriate staff on how to operate the equipment. After successful installation, TCA has dedicated staff to answer any questions that you may have.

Process Development

Validate your Production Process. Utilize our Process Development Expertise.

Find yourself in the situation where you’ve got a new product idea but have insufficient resources or no idea how to turn your product idea into a reality? At TCA Technologies we see this scenario all the time. That’s why we’ve cultivated a technical team that has a wealth of process development and automation experience.

We have developed a systematic way of approaching process development projects.

TCA Process

We are confident in our abilities to provide you with a custom designed and tested automation solution to satisfy just about any project you and your team can envision.