Automation System for the Electronics Industry

TCA has the experienced staff and modern equipment to build custom fixtures, for both manual and automated assembly operations, that meet the exacting needs of the electronics industry. These are some examples of nest, placement, and alignment fixtures that we have manufactured for our customers worldwide.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, all fixtures used in manual assembly operations feature a stationary aluminum base machined at a 30° angle to eliminate the stresses of repetitive motion and avoid worker injury. Placement and alignment fixtures, whether used in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operations, all feature the mechanics required to produce precisely controlled force levels and dwell times.

Automatic placement cells utilize machine vision systems to detect component positions and highly accurate SCARA robotics for precise component placement. We deliver all fixtures with operating manuals, maintenance plans, drawings and schematics.



We designed and manufactured these assembly fixtures for the electronics industry.


Universal Nest Fixtures

  • Designed to Accommodate the Component in Top Up or Top Down Orientations
  • Stationary Aluminum Base Machined at a 30° Angle for Ergonomic Manual Assembly Operations

Placement Servo Fixture

  • TCA Semi-Automatic Servo Press
  • Component to be Manually Loaded into Dedicated Fixture
  • Lower Fixture Base to be Aluminum
  • Presses the Component to a specified force level for a specified dwell time

Automatic Placement Cell

  • Vision System to Detect Component Position
  • SCARA Robot Provides Automatic Placement
  • Automatic Feeding of Parts

Gasket Alignment Template

  • Machined Base w/ 30° Angle
  • Pivots Into Installation position

Label Nest

Top Screw Nest

Connector Servo Fixture

  • TCA Semi-Automatic Servo Press
  • Pivoting Mask Feature
  • Applies a specified level of Force for a specified dwell time

Mid-Screw Nest Fixture

Top-Cap Servo Fixture

  • TCA Semi-Automatic Servo Press
  • Engages 4 Snaps and Seat to the PSA Adhesive with a specified Force for a specified dewll time

Alignment Servo Fixture

  • TCA Semi-Automatic Servo Press
  • Seats the PSA Adhesive with a specified force for a specified dwell time


Design Engineering

  • Design Assembly Fixtures
  • Created 3-D Models

CNC Machining

Manufactured in-house using our CAD/CAM equipment and capabilities.


  • Hard-Copy of Maintenance Plans, Operating Manuals
  • Hard-Copy Fixture Tool Detail Drawings
  • AutoCAD Assembly Drawings, and Schematics


  • 1 Year Warranty up to 3,000 Hours Running Time


6 weeks