Advancing Automation Since 1996

Advancing Automation

Since 1996

Improve ergonomics & safety

Improve ergonomics

& safety

Expertly Designed Custom Automation Solutions

Expertly Designed

Custom Automation Solutions

Increase Throughput & Improve Quality

Increase Throughput

& Improve Quality

Custom Automated Solutions.

Building on 20 years of industry experience, TCA employs the most innovative technological solutions to conceptualize, develop, and execute cutting-edge automated manufacturing systems. Catering to some of the world's most successful manufacturers, TCA has a team of experienced engineers that have developed manufacturing solutions for a variety of fields such as R&D prototyping, welding, assembly, leak testing, material handling, plastics and composites, vision and accuracy.

Featured Case Study

This insert molding system, designed and built by TCA for a plastics manufacturer, is used to overmold electrical terminals for an automotive application. Able to produce finished parts within very tight tolerances, the system consists of three zones: a terminal handling dial, a mold tending robot, and a finished part handling dial.

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